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    &nbsp;<BR>error &#039;ASP 0115&#039; <BR>Unexpected error <BR><BR>/PAWS/Main/PAWS_Main.asp <BR><BR>A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.<BR><BR><BR>****************************** **********************************<BR><BR>Hi, I&#039;m doing ASP which is connecting with the oracle.<BR>I found that everytime this error will occurred<BR>and have to restart server.<BR><BR>Can somebody plz tell me what error is it?<BR>What is "error &#039;ASP 0115&#039; "????????<BR>Thanks and Have a blessed day!<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Mae

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    highly recommend you perform a search at Microsoft&#039;s Knowledge Base.<BR><BR>

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