hello all<BR>i have a form with two textboxes (name, age) with their textbox names being name0 and age0<BR>i have two buttons addnew and submit.<BR>when addnew is clicked: i will add new textbox and age textboxes with names name1 and age1<BR>and also textboxes with name0 and age0 with their values<BR><BR>suppose after 10 addnews if user wants to submit.<BR>ok now user submits i have to see that sum of all the "AGE" textboxes (age0+age1....+age9) should be exactly=100 if not i wont submit.<BR><BR>so my problem is i created a function validform(10) i am sending number of times user clicked addnew, which in our case is 10.<BR><BR>so<BR>for(var i=0; i=9; i++)<BR>{<BR>var myage<BR>myage=age+i;<BR>cou=cou+document.cate1."& myage&".value<BR>// or cou=cou+document.cate1.+myage+.value)))))<BR><BR>} <BR>alert(cou)<BR><BR>i want to add all the 10 textbox(age) and check if its 100 or not.<BR>as usual error: object expected<BR>i know i am not pssing document.cate1.age0.value etcetc...<BR>but how will i do this.<BR>i want to do this on client side only.<BR><BR>please help me and if you have sample code please feel free to email me at mrweb24@hotmail.com on the weekend or by monday please<BR>