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    Al Chuck Guest

    Default Sortable column headers

    After I display my tables on the browser , want them to make the column headers sort as per the selection eg. dates can be ascending or descending, names by alphabets, price list be ascending and descending. I wanna avoid using DTC so as to make it browser compatible. <BR>Also how do I display 20 records per page and then make users go back or forth showing 20 per page<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance

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    Troy the ASP Boy Guest

    Default paging through records

    check out<BR><BR>for paging through recordsets

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    Al Chuck Guest

    Default RE: paging through records

    Many thanks Troy , going thru the code will post with success if any!

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    Al Chuck Guest

    Default RE: paging through records

    it sure did the paging work but what about the I still need to a &#039sort by&#039 in my SQL statement or is there way to do from ASP

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