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    I have a page - &#039;search_results_process.asp&#039; that sets a variable called &#039;whichTables&#039;.<BR><BR>I need to give this value to global variable definitions page &#039;formvalues.asp&#039; , but then continue with the flow in &#039;search_results_process.asp&#039;.<BR><BR> Can this be done with server.transfer?<BR><BR>I&#039;m thinking it won&#039;t work because there&#039;s no way that &#039;formvalues.asp&#039; will remember the variables value when I return to &#039;search_results_process.asp&#039;.<BR><BR> Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Default Querystring?

    Did you try to transfer the data with a querystring?<BR><BR>If not I would look into that

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    Default RE: Querystring?

    Not possible with server.transfer. You can&#039;t use a querystring with server.tranfer. Set a sessionvariable or use response.redirect.

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    Default server.execute

    why not use server.execute? that way the page you execute has access to all the variables in the page its being called by and any changes it the executed page makes will be available to the calling page. one thing, make sure the page your executing has unique names that aren&#039;t found in the calling page...<BR><BR>just a thought<BR>justin

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