Hi, <BR><BR>I have a problem which, I think, will involves transaction. <BR>I have a shopping cart.The client comes and wants to order something. <BR>He puts the products in the shopping cart (which uses sessions to store the products which the client wants to buy) and logs in. <BR>He reaches the Final Review of Order page where he can review his order or can shop more. <BR>If he wants to finish the order he will be redirected to a secure server for the payment choices (credit card or other means). <BR><BR>Now, what my problem? <BR>When he reaches the secure page all what was on the Final Review of Order will be stored in the database (you know sessions <BR>doesn&#039;t get across servers).But I want this to be temporarily until the client submits the payment choices (the payment choices <BR>will be stored in the database also and it will update the order which already is in the database).Only now this order should be <BR>permanently stored in the database. <BR>If the client doesn&#039;t submit the page with payment choices or he leaves or he closes the browser then that order which is <BR>temporarily in the database should be deleted (it will waste space and cannot be processed). <BR><BR>So, I have five pages: <BR>- the Final Review of Order where the client can review the order or shop more <BR>- when the client decide to buy he will hit the button Continue which takes him to the Process page where the content of the <BR>Final Review of the Order is inserted in the database (this should be temporarily) <BR>- after the order (not completed) have been inserting in the database the client will be redirected to a secure page called <BR>Payment Choices where he can choose how he wants to pay <BR>- after coosing his payment method he hits Sumit and the that temporarily order it will be updated with the payment choice by <BR>the next page called Update the Order. <BR>Now the order it&#039;s final and the client gets the Thank You page. <BR><BR>But I don&#039;t know how can I accomplish this (to have that order stored temporarily until the payment choices are added).If no <BR>payment choices are added (because the clint leaves the site, close the browser or just don&#039;t want to pay) that temporarily <BR>order should be deleted immediately. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve know that transactions can do this but I have four pages where I should maintain the transaction state (not necessary on <BR>Thank You page).The transaction should be complete only if the four page called Update the Order is submitted. <BR>If this would be on a single page I think I would know how to implement it. <BR><BR>Somebody else told me aboout using the Global.asa file and the session_onEnd event handler. <BR>"For instance, I should store a boolean variable in a session variable.Then when the customer commits the transaction you put <BR>the variable&#039;s value to true. When the session ends(for time out or abandon method) you check the variable&#039;s content and if it&#039;s <BR>false you delete the order from the DB." <BR>But I don&#039;t know really how to do it. <BR><BR>Can someone give me some ideas or, better, an example? <BR>An example which can run on IIS 4/Win NT or PWS/Win98.I don&#039;t have Win2000 and IIS 5. <BR><BR>Thank you, <BR>Mircea <BR>