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    Joel Holtzman Guest

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    HEllo. This session timeout does not work. I must be missing something. I tested it at one minute and I was not redirected...the fix, by the way, was " instead of &#039.<BR><BR>Any idea on how to get my .asp multi-quiz tests timed the right way would be a great help.<BR><BR>Joel

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    Ryan S. Guest

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    Joel,<BR><BR>If you are trying to redirect someone when their session expires, there is a better way of doing it.<BR><BR>Session.timeout only starts ticking when a session has been idle. If a person is going through page by page it starts over everytime they load a page. It doesn&#039t mean that the entire length of a session is X amount of minutes. This is just for idle time.<BR><BR>What you would do is set a session variable to the system time when the user starts the quiz. then put an include file on every page that compares the current system time with that of the session variable. If the difference is greater then the time wanted force a redirect then.

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