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    I could really use some professional help here(besides the psychiatric type). <BR><BR>I am an ASP / Perl developer who has dabbled in XML and ASP.NET a little bit.<BR><BR>My boss in his infinite wisdom has decided that because of my "dabbling" I can develop an ASP.NET / XML application and I have no idea what i am doing. Oh and before I forget, this application is being presented to the client on January 02, 2002.<BR><BR>What I am requesting is some ideas on how to put this thing together. I have begun reading several books on .NET and XML as well as going through this site and others looking for code samples to get familiar with how it works but I need lots more.<BR><BR>Here are the general specs on the application:<BR><BR>This application is going to automatically (4 times a day and also manually) pull information out of a SQL 2000 database and create a series of complete static websites from the information it pulls. <BR><BR>There is to be a series of control panels that depending on user access level will allow the user to add new articles or advertisements to the database; allow the user to renew the term of their advertising contract, allow them to update their personal data, and the admin will be able to launch the static conversion process as well as add new "domains" to the process. This process will be able to handle the complete creation and ftp upload of a minimum of 25 and a max of about 100 complete sites. <BR><BR>As if that wasn&#039;t enough, there will be a separate site that advertisers will be able to submit new advertising to this series of sites. <BR><BR>That, is of course a very brief and ultra high-level description but I am hoping that is enough info to get the proverbial juices flowing with suggestions / ideas for what I can do with ASP.NET / Web Services / XML to not only get this done on time but also in a logical order.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance for your help with this monster.<BR><BR>

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    As they say, If I was going to go from Here to there, I wouldn&#039;t start from here....<BR><BR>I have build a site builder for a client, that does not poll the database, but uses the database to drive the content and the whole thing is put together via a set of menus.<BR><BR>The main benefit is that the user maintains there site, controls all aspects of it (font,colour,look,graphics) and the builder pulls it all together. I build it really because I got bored of maintaining sites all the time.<BR><BR>It is build in ASP and should be relatively easy to convert...<BR><BR>If you are interest then e-mail me at:<BR><BR>

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