I have an ASP page with links to folders/files on a web server. The files are generated to a directory built during the processing of a program and the output of the program builds the files in the generated directory. This all works fine.<BR><BR>After the files are created I have web pages with links to those folders and files. The folder page allows the user to delete the folder (via a button) or drill down from the to the files under that folder. I can delete the folder as long as I do not view any of the files in it via the browser.<BR><BR>The files page has links to the files which the user can click on to view the files or copy to their local drives. When the user clicks on the link the Windows dialog box comes up asking them to open in current location or save to another location.<BR><BR>If I view any of the files under a folder (or try and save it to another location) and then return to the folder page and attempt to delete the folder I get a permission denied error from my asp because the file I viewed cannot be deleted. If I try and go to the webserver and delete the file via Explorer I get a message "Cannot delete {filename} Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use." <BR><BR>If I try and view the file from explorer by clicking on it I cannot view the file either, I get a access denied error.<BR><BR>Does the browser keep some sort of lock on the file? How would I release the lock so I can then delete the file and folder? Should I not use the browser to display the files to the user?