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    My task is to create a webpage for FAQ&#039;s (Questions and Answers).<BR>I am thinking to do like this..<BR>All the questions displayed at one time. If somebody click on the question, the answer is displayed. And they click on the question again, the answer part is collapsed. Somebody told me that we can do this with XML very easily. I don&#039;t have any knowledge on XML. Can anybody help me in doing this..<BR>Thanks..JY

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    Jim<BR><BR>XML and XSL can do this but you would need to get into the code a bit and ensure all users had XML aware browsers.<BR><BR>If you have an XML aware IE5 or IE6 you can see how a plain XML file is presented by default in a form similar to Windows explorer. You can expand or contract elements. This however is pretty crude.<BR><BR>To use XML/XSL to create your own page you would need to have an XML aware browser on each client.<BR><BR>I would not want to put you off XML but simply using JScript (or VBScript if you must) as a client side script would be easier. For example you will be familiar with menu options that change colour and shape when the mouse passes over them. Simply adjusting the script could makle your answers appear next to the question.<BR><BR>XML is an emerging technology but is still techy and incomplete. It will be great one day but to simply learn it to solve one problem would not be good use of time.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR>

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