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    Hi here is my problem....sorry if it&#039;s been discussed before.<BR><BR>I am applying to business schools and many use the same company&#039;s<BR>tool which I believe is ASP with frames. I set up an account for <BR>Stanford University and UCLA as well....two different accounts/passwords obviously. I was first logged into Stanford University&#039;s info and then later logged into UCLA. The problem I&#039;m having is that every now and then I&#039;ll be logged into one schools pages but the OTHER schools pages come up. I think this is a caching problem obviously; I know clearing my browsers cache should prevent this, but should this company&#039;s web servers be set to no cache to prevent this?<BR><BR>Any comments/ideas greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>

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    hmm<BR><BR>caching is likely the issue.<BR><BR>frames have some new caching issues. they could use no cache, that has helped in my situations in the past.

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