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    I have a cookie based authentication right now that I think works great. But that just shows you how much I know. It doesn&#039;t work with AOL or with certain MACs with IE4.5 (Yes, I made sure cookies were enabled)<BR><BR>Are session variables going to be my savior or is their a cookie trick I don&#039;t know? Or any other type of trick that someone would care to share. <BR><BR>If anyone wants to vew my code I can paste it in. Or if anyone has an AOL trick that is a sure thing, I am all ears ...or eyes, or whatever it would be in this case.<BR><BR>-ferretworks

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    What version of AOL?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve written cookies successfully without changing code to AOL. As of AOL 5 (or 6?), it was based on the IE engine. Nothing to change really... though graphics turn out like **** on AOL.<BR><BR>Dunno if they mucked things up in their version 7. See if you can figure out which version it&#039;s breaking in.

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