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    capnfunky Guest

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    I am looking for an ASP development tool which will act much like FRONTPAGE in that it will allow you to view your documents in "Normal" view, but will not change your code when you switch from this view to "HTML" view. Does anyone have any suggestions?<BR>Does Interdev have this capability? What are the advantages of using Interdev? <BR>I currently use TextPad as my primary development tool for html,asp and javascript. Is there anything better?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Capn

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    Keith Fowler Guest

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    Interdev does have this capability, and Interdev is very good if you have been using FrontPage. In that it also uses Frontpage Server Extensions. Therefore, you can open up your web as a project within the Interdev environment. <BR><BR>You may also want to look at Allaire Homesite. It is a very good HTML editor, and doesn&#039t change your code. It is also less expensive than Interdev. <BR><BR>By the way, FrontPage 2000 now leaves you code alone. It doesn&#039t change things you don&#039t want it to. FP2000 is a big improvement over FP98. It&#039s worth the upgrade.

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    I aree with the Interdev. Its a great editor and its also what I use. Macromedia Drumbeat also does ASP. It&#039s formatted very similar to MS Access. It might be useful as well.

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    al chuck Guest

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    I do definitely agree about Visual Interdev 6.0 , its really cool and I have been using it about a month or something but its pretty to learn especially if you are used to Front Page. Full power of this tool can be put to test when you use SQl database and you could write your stored procedures from the editor. So its really very powerfull its got some cons but one can live with them<BR>

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