Hello can anyone tell me why when I log in my address bar ends up looking like this:<BR><BR>http://summit01s002/websites/bemros/www/intelcentre/Sumital_centre/Submittle_Page.asp?accessdenied=%2Fwebsites%2Fbemr os%2Fwww%2Fintelcentre%2FSumital%5Fcentre%2Feditga te%2Easp%3Faccessdenied%3D%252Fwebsites%252Fbemros %252Fwww%252Fintelcentre%252FSumital%255Fcentre%25 2Fgateway%252Easp<BR><BR>I have set my site so you log in then it redirects you to the page your access clearance allows by restricting the pages to access level 1 for the first page level2 for the second page and level 3 for third page. So a level 3 users only sees the third page after they log in. a level 2 users goes to page 2 and level 2 to page 1. <BR><BR>The above address was generated when a level 3 people logged in.<BR>Every other time I have used this manner for redirection there has been no problem. Is there any way to list the page that the level 1 user should be directed to in the database so that when each person logs in they go straight to that page without have to run them through other pages and denying them access till they get to one that matches there level and lets them in.<BR><BR>Can somebody please help me as this is causing cerebral meltdown?<BR><BR>Any suggestion on a proper redirection process would be gladly accepted<BR><BR><BR><BR>