My problem is like this.<BR>--------------<BR>I have a form in my webpage. After user filling the form, he need to add the clients information to the form. Number of clients is changed in each case. So, I am thinking of placing a push button at the end of the form like "Add another Client". If they want to add a new client, they need to click on this and a popup window comes where user need to enter the client information. After submitting the form in popup window, that content should be displayed at the end of the form in the main page. After entering all the clients information, if the user submits the mainpage, that information is passed to the next page where that is processed. <BR>---------<BR>Can anybody give me suggestions to how to do this? Can I get sampe code or example at any other website? Is there any better<BR>way to do than this ? Thanks for your help -- Jim<BR>