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    I represent a site that is starting up this year, and is estimated to eventually have 1000 concurrent visitors. We&#039re planning to start out with a ASP + SQL Server solution, but of course we&#039ve hard that this solution is unreliable when the traffic is massive. Now I simply wonder for how long one can use ASP+SQL Server before getting low performance? How many concurrent visitors can a solution such as this have? And does anyone have a suggestion for what to eventually use instead of it?

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    The Scalablity of a web application seems to have much more to do with the design of the application & Database. If you use stored procedures, triggers, & efficent scripts i would say you can handle much more than 1000 concurrent users. take a look at microsoft.com & bn.com (barnes & noble) they both use ASP & SQL Server. While it may be true that there is an upper limit on ASP & SQL that would assume your application would be written perfectly and for maximum efficiency. I dont think any such application has ever been written. Possibly look for a different database server? DB2? or Oracle perhaps.

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