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    hey<BR><BR>i want to be able to delete more than one record at once.<BR><BR>Currently i have a page called admin.asp where i can look at all the people who signed up.<BR>at the end of each row i have a link to delete that user and it works fine.<BR><BR><BR>NOW i want to be able to delete members in bulk, more than 1 at a time so its faster for me.<BR><BR>Like in yahoo and hotmail how you click a checkbox to delete that message so u can delete more than one message.<BR><BR>If u know what i mean can u please help<BR>thanks :)

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    just get all the key values for each row you&#039;d like to delete and modify your sql to delete more than 1 row..<BR><BR>sSQL = "DELETE * FROM TableName WHERE KeyColumn = &#039;" & s1 & "&#039; OR KeyColumn = &#039;" & s2 & "&#039; OR KeyColumn = &#039;" & s3 & "&#039;"<BR><BR>should work fine.<BR><BR>alternatively, you can loop through the fields and execute sql statements one at a time until you have nothing left to delete..<BR><BR>for i = 0 to iMax<BR>sSQL = "DELETE * FROM TableName WHERE KeyColumn = &#039;" & sDelArr(i) & "&#039;"<BR>ra = ExecuteSQL(sSQL) <BR>&#039; this is a generic funciton is use to execute SQL, <BR>&#039; your function may not look the same<BR>next<BR><BR>justin

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