Hello and thanks for your time. I have been helped by a few good people here with what I felt was a nightmare script. Well, its working, but for some reason when I want it to update itself, the code never works. And I don&#039t think it&#039s the code.<BR><BR>I don&#039t believe I have write permissions in my directory (NT-and my tech support is asleep) and I don&#039t know if that matters. Here&#039s the deal.<BR><BR>Since, I use one time passwords, I set a boolean value to a column so if it&#039s true, they take test. False, goodbye. I am happy with it, except for one thing. I must manually update the database after the password is used and test is taken, to set the value to false, so the script won&#039t let it be used again.<BR><BR>Problem is, with all the help, my asp files are getting errors. Do I need to prepare my database for these sql statements or do I need certain permissins? All i need is on the fly changing of the boolean value. From true to false when password is entered.<BR><BR>I can&#039t imagine why it doesn&#039t work as the help I receive comes from the right people. It has to be my end. Solution?<BR><BR>Thanks. <BR>Joel