Hello, and thanks for your time. So, I see you can have a global.asa file per directory if I&#039m not mistaken. SO, here&#039s the scoop.<BR><BR>Since I have two types of online quizzes, 3 hour limits, and 90 minute limits, for example, I need two different global.asa files to end sessions in 3 hours and 90 minutes respectively.<BR><BR>If this is the case, will they do this seperately or mix with each other.<BR><BR>You see, one directory will have 4 page 100 answer tests and they MUST be timed, ok. So, the global.asa file can end that session in 3 hours and redirect (Thanks Rokea).<BR><BR>HOWEVER, another directory will have 2 pagers, so they are only about 90 minutes. Can I have THAT directories global asa use session end for 90 minutes WITHOUT interfering with the other dirctory tests so in the other directory with 3 hour limit, they don&#039t lose their test in 90 minutes?<BR><BR>Thanks a ton.<BR><BR>Joel