I know I&#039;m missing something really simple..first time trying to use regular expressions. I&#039;m just trying to validate a basic zip code. I tried using the or operator to catch 5 or 9 digits, then just tried to get the 5 digit check to work.<BR><BR>Function CheckString(strToCheck,StrRegExp<BR>Dim reZip<BR>Set reZip = new RegExp<BR>rezip.Pattern = strRegExp<BR><BR>CheckString = reZip.Test(strToCheck)<BR>End Function<BR><BR>Then called it With<BR><BR>If Checkstring(ZipCode,"(d{5})") = false Then<BR>&#039;error flag so I can tell user<BR><BR>here is a sample of data and returns:<BR><BR>761 - false<BR>76118-54 - true<BR>76klm - true<BR><BR>So it only worked with less than 5 digits, and didn&#039;t even kick out with letters in the inoput string.<BR><BR>I tried alternate syntaxes: "^[0-9]{5}" and "[0-9]{5}.<BR>same results.<BR><BR>Anybody have any ideas why this isn&#039;t working?