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    I have an application in ASP, with backend as SQL SERVER6.0, this application works fine with IE 5. But it does not work with IE 6. For e.g. the Script to save a new record works fine in I.E 5.0, but in IE 6 it actually saves the record in the database and popsup a duplicate record exist message. <BR>I had debugged the script and saw that is executed once only. But i&#039;m in loss of words as to how the record is saved and it popsup the error message that record already exists, instead of record saved. <BR>Thanks in Advance.

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    Default We are NOT yet mind readers

    We are working on it but have not completed the course YET.....BUt if you showed us some RELAVENT code we MIGHT be able to help you before our course is a few months hopefully.<BR><BR>Welcome in Advance.

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