Hi,<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know if this question can be addressed on this forum....but I guess it&#039;s worth a try. I have 3 websites set up as 3 projects in Interdev. There are some asp pages that I need to share between these websites so I put them in a separate directory and created another interdev project called "shared". I have 2 options to how to share my code between projects.<BR>Option 1: I can share the code between my projects using the "share" option in Visual Source Safe. This works fine.<BR>Option 2: Create a virtual directory in my projects pointing to the "shared" project (which is now a dummy website). The only issue with this is that UAT and production environments should also be set up with this virtual directory stuff and each time there is a release the dummy website (shared project) should also be released into UAT and production environments.<BR><BR>Would you know which is better Option 1 or Option 2 and why?<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR>Supriya