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    I have an asp program that has a lot of traffic.<BR><BR>There is a problem with session variables breaking or falling out of memory. I have passed some into cookies, but that didn&#039;t seem to help.<BR><BR>What in relation to high volume of traffic could cause them to fall away? It happens particularly during a log in -- and might happen after teh first login or fifteen minutes later. So it is not a matter of the session timing out. And the site is not on a web farm.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance . . .

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    Are you using IIS5? if you are perhaps the high volume is crashing IIS and it is restarting automatically (new feature) and you are not noticing.<BR><BR>Also, 15 minutes seems about right to me, I know the timeout is set to 20? but it always seems to time out around then on my sites if nothing happens.<BR><BR>Do you have the smae problems if there is no traffic - can you test on a development system?

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