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    Hi All, <BR><BR>Somebody out there loves me soo much that they sent me a file, asking for help, that when I opened it to see what they wanted, my OS (win 98) got completely compromised by the Batch file hidden inside the attachment. <BR><BR>Granted, I should not have opened the file, but being a participant in a few forums and having had members send me files before asking for help, I didn&#039;t think far enough ahead to prevent this. <BR><BR>I join these forums to help others and to get help when I run into problems. Having people out there send stuff like this to me makes me think twice about offering my help to others. I guess that no good deed goes unpunished. <BR><BR>I enjoy the feeling of community and like that I can help or get help as I want. But I don&#039;t need this crap. So here is a warning, should any receive an email from JMOORE@VERTAC.COM with a note that asks for advice, don&#039;t open. Just delete the note and report the sender to your ISP. Let&#039;s stop this **** now.<BR><BR><BR>__________________<BR>Bastien <BR><BR>There are many ways to skin this cat, but it still tastes like chicken<BR>

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    Default That won't happen here...

    ..we&#039;re all nice people, now we&#039;ve got login ids.

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    Default hi! how are you.......

    .....i send you this file in order to have your advice<BR><BR>right? if so, you&#039;ve been caught by an old one and really should have been embarrassed to post this.<BR><BR>haven&#039;t you got a virus scanner? try AVG - it&#039;s free - just look for it on<BR><BR>j<BR>

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