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    I have a website based on ASP and an Access database. I want to make sure that my visitors always come to the correct first page. <BR>Does anyone know how to do that? <BR><BR>Also: I don&#039t use frames, but would like for the adress field to just show my domain name, and not domain names + file names. <BR><BR>Eg. <BR><BR>When my visitors are on a file called guestbook.asp, I would like for the address field to show only http://www.mydomain.com and not http://www.mydomain.com/guestbook.asp<BR><BR>Is this possible?

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    You can put your page into a frame that is 100% x 100% big then you&#039ll only see the adress to the frameset page.<BR>Then have your main page in index2.htm or something.<BR><BR>Something like this<BR><BR>&#060;FRAMESET rows="100%,*" border=0 frameborder=0 framespacing=0 framecolor="#000000"&#062;<BR>&#060;FRAME src="index2.htm"&#062;<BR>&#060;/FRAMESET&#062;

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