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    swapna Guest

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    Could anyone tell me how to use crystal reports on the web?<BR><BR>swapna

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    Craig Kelley, Guest

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    I wouldn&#039t suggest it unless it&#039s something very basic! First you need their &#039Crystal Web Page server&#039 installed. It comes with Crystal Reports 7 profession (not standard). After it&#039s installed all you need to do is call the report and it will be displayed in whatever format you choose. One I&#039ve used is their Smart ActiveX control viewer.

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    swapna Guest

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    when displaying these reports, does the client machine need to have something special, or will it run on any machine and any browser? (IE as well as Netscape?)

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    Jairo Guest

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    swapna,<BR>The browser will be able to interpret the report with different version of both IE and Netscape. It&#039s smart enough to figure out the best compatible version of the report for Plain HTML, HTML with frames, ActiveX, or Java.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Jairo<BR>

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    swapna Guest

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    jairo,<BR>thanks for your response.<BR><BR>but Even The latest version of netscape i.e. 4.7 is not displaying the report . The same ASp file if run on IE, I can see the report properly but Netscape doesnt show it. Netscape is not even supporting a simple method like form.submit (javascript) . Is this a real problem on netscape or am i going wrong somewhere?<BR>I have just written a function in script tag which has a single statement- formname.submit . In IE it is submitting properly but Netscape is giving a javascript error. If possible,please tell me what could the problem be because i am really stuck.<BR><BR>swapna

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