I have to write code in vbscript or javascript to<BR>download file from server and <BR>display content of a image file in a page. <BR>-For download a file from server:<BR>I have added content-type=application/object<BR>content-disposition:attachment;filename= filename<BR>then read the file content and Response.write the content.<BR>When i try to download a file, the save as dialog box appears<BR>with good filename and good file extension but when i save<BR>the actual content of the file is not saved. <BR><BR>-For display content of a image file:<BR>I am forbidden from using the img tag with src=filepath, so<BR>i have tried to read file content using Scripting.FileSystem <BR>object and then Response.Write content to display the image<BR>but it does not work. I guess i will have to add smt to <BR>the header, where can i find information about that?<BR><BR><BR>Please help me!<BR>Ha.