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    Does anyone know of a compatibility issue when using FileSystemObject collections when running Personal Web Server on Windows 98 operating system? I have written an asp script which uses the FileSystemObject File collection to display the contents of a folder. This script worked perfectly on a Windows 2000 computer which ran IIS 5.0 but noe that I am trying to install the application onto a laptop which runs Windows 98 and PWS, it does not display the contents of the folder. It is like that portion of the code was just skipped over or the folder is empty(which it is not). I receive no error, that section of the code is just not performed. If anyone has ANY ideas please respond!<BR>Thanks <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Works fine on my machine... home. In fact, I just created a couple of pages using PWS and a picture-editing component to allow me to process images from our digital camera. I use FOR EACH fil IN someFolder to get the image names and it works great.<BR><BR>Dunno what to tell you. Permissions problem, perhaps? Are the folders you are looking at within your virtual directories? (Mine are; so I dunno what happens on Win98 if they aren&#039;t.)<BR><BR>

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