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    Does anybody know if there is a site that demosntrates on how to create a site map script. What i want to do is build a script that will read through you directories and display a simple site map. thanks

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    Default I don't think that is a good idea

    in the sense, if you try to create sitemap thru a script, you could<BR>face problems like:<BR><BR>1) creating links for all of your files (unless u restrict them with some filters)<BR>2) broken links (for those pages that expect parameters from other pages to get executed)<BR>3) Last but not the least, how could u generate meaningful titles to the links??<BR><BR>so lot of customization involved.<BR><BR>Anyways, having said that let me tell you that u can create script by urself through<BR>File System Objects by traversing thru your web root.

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