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    I feed data into a db and a jscript draws that data from the db and dumps it in a Marquee on the pg but what happens is everytime i feed in data, there is an sql update query which updates my db overwriting earlier data... but i need to archive the data which i wrote earlier so am trying to copy the data in to another table before the update portion...<BR><BR>My query reads something like this:<BR><BR>("SELECT * INTO scr_scroll_ar FROM SCR_SCROLL SET<BR> SCR_MSG1=\"".addslashes($msg1)."\",<BR> SCR_MSG2=\"".addslashes($msg2)."\",<BR> SCR_MSG3=\"".addslashes($msg3)."\",<BR> SCR_MSG4=\"".addslashes($msg4)."\"<BR> WHERE SCR_ID=$id");<BR><BR>What am I doing wrong??? wud appreciate any help..<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>sandeep

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    1. that&#039;s not JScript. looks like perl or PHP to me.<BR>2. do you really need it archived to a separate table? why not INSERT a new row, and only SELECT the latest row?<BR>3. what DB? in SQL Server you could do this quite efficiently, but the same method won&#039;t work in Access.<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>

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