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    Hi!<BR>I&#039;m going to have a try at jsp and servlets. I&#039;ve only programmed java on unix systems earlier, and now I&#039;m on a windows machine. I wonder if you have any advices for development environments. I don&#039;t like the visual stuff, I just want an editor with color-coding etc., some kind of debugger, and easy ways to compile. I&#039;ve installed GNU-emacs, but I&#039;m more used to the windows cut and paste interface, and I feel I would lose speed on using emacs. Do you have any ideas??<BR>Thanks.

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    The one that I use, is Sun&#039;s Forte for Java Community Edition.<BR>http://www.sun.com/forte/ffj/buy.html<BR><BR>It&#039;s a nice IDE, built on JavaBeans, so it&#039;s somewhat slow to load, but it&#039;s full featured, and the Community Edition, if you download it from the site above, is free.

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