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    Will it be possible for me to asynchronously run any code on the client (even by downloading an activeX control)after the successful loading of a web page(just like how multithreading works).The problem relates to a map server which calls a VB EXE running at the server and control is transferred to the VB exe for processing whenever events are fired on the client.How can I spawn another instance of the EXE on the client (if at all possible)for local processing?

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    what type of GIS you are using that would require that ability?<BR><BR>Most web based mapping systems (that I have used at least) use a form post method to transfer application state information when the server side is a VB application. This is how MapObjects Internet Map Server works for example.<BR><BR>There are some that use ActiveX Components in the browser (IE only) such as AutoDesk&#039;s MapGuide application.<BR><BR>By and large the best systems for serving maps over the internet (or intranet) is ArcIMS. It supports high level dhtml driven HTML/JavaScript clients, Java applet viewers, server side ASP, and Cold Fusion. The down side is cost (about 20K) plus you have to have a javaServlet on the server.

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