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    Hi!<BR><BR>How do I get an textbox to appear when I click in an checkbox. In other words I want to change the textbox type from hidden to text when i click in an checkbox.<BR><BR>// 2-times

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    Here&#039;s a link you can check to see that whole "hide" and "show" gig. You&#039;ll have to connect it to the onchange= of the checkbox (checking to see if the box is or isn&#039;t checked and then doing that whole hide / show gig). Personally I hate hide / show stuff because invariably it doesn&#039;t work right in all browsers and browser versions. To much of a pain in the @ss! I typically just put the text entry field next to the checkbox and until they actually check it the field is "disabled". If they uncheck it then I clear the text field and "disable" it again. In the validation of the form I run a quick check to see if the checkbox is checked and if so make sure the text box has something in it. If it&#039;s unchecked then my validation has nothing to worry about. Good luck and I hope this example helps.<BR><BR>http://javascript.internet.com/bgeffects/write-layer.html<BR><BR>Rachel

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