Hello!<BR><BR>I made an Office2000 Web Components.Spreadsheet object that works fine. I work with ASP/SS-JavaScript and because of all the functions I made it will be hard to switch to VB. I put data in its rows, created border, colored it but I can&#039;t make it AutoFitColumns. I tried for eg. "objSpreadsheet.ActiveSheet.Columns(1).AutoFitColu mns" or other ranges but I get an error <BR>"Microsoft JScript runtime (0x800A01B6)<BR>Object doesn&#039;t support this property or method"<BR>The only thing that works is "objSpreadsheet.ActiveSheet.AutoFitColumns" but it doesn&#039;t seem to produce any effect.<BR>I&#039;m using as server and dev Win2k SP2, Office 2k SP2, IIS 5<BR>Can you help me?<BR>Thanks.<BR>Calin