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    hello ..<BR>im a student..currently doing ecommerce asp...with visual interdev as editor..<BR><BR>my current shopping cart is not working..<BR>it seems to have problem in global.asa...( the connection part),,..but the connection is working in other parts of the system..<BR>must i use global.asa in order to make my shopping cart working..?im trying to traking visitor that place product in my shopping cart...<BR>can u suggest me any web sites that offer shopping cart complete scource code for free,....where i can test and use it in my project..<BR>i will appreciate it..<BR>thank u...

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    you don&#039;t want to do your homework assignment yourself, *AND* you want us to tell you where you can find it?<BR><BR>Well since it&#039;s almost weekend and I&#039;m in a good mood:<BR>try,,, etc. etc.<BR><BR>

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    Default haha<eop>


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