Hello,<BR><BR>In my log files on an IIS 5.0 I see frequent errors with the following message<BR>&#124 93&#124 800a0046&#124Permission_denied.<BR>The first two digits change. Until a few days ago the message was &#124 91&#124 800a0046&#124Permission_denied.<BR><BR>These errors occur apparently at random. There does not seem to be any relationship between a specific file, database, or web site traffic. <BR><BR>My site is located on a shared hosting system. The manager checked for this error in the log files of all other sites on the same server. But, he located the error only in my log files.<BR><BR>Generally this error is accompanied by a long delay to serve the page as recorded in the "Time taken" field of the log record.<BR><BR>My site uses Access databases. I suspected that the database access may be a problem. But the problem is seen frequently for pages that have no database access.<BR><BR>One final comment: When my site was on an IIS 4. server I had seen none of these errors.<BR><BR>Questions:<BR>1. What could be the cause of the problem?<BR>2. Is there any parameter that could be changed in the IIS 5.0 settings?<BR><BR>Thank you for help,<BR><BR>Israel Hanukoglu