at work i noticed some objects in form elements and i was wondering what kinds of things you could do when a form element is named like an object.<BR><BR>for example the name of the form may be PROFILE<BR>and the name of each element is named accordingly<BR>PROFILE.Name &#060;------ the name of a text box<BR>PROFILE.Address &#060;----- the name of a text box<BR>PROFILE.Street &#060;------the name of a text box<BR>PROFILE.Age &#060;-------the name of a radio button<BR>PROFILE.Gender &#060;------ the name of a radio button<BR><BR>What advantage does naming form elements like this confer ?<BR>Are the form elements made more manipulable by ASP?<BR>Are the form elements made more manipulable by Javascript?<BR>If so how ?<BR><BR>=====question number 2=========<BR>the reason i ask at this time is because i wanted to write an generic ASP script that would automatically iterate through all the form elements and put their prefilled values into a javascript array. <BR>Then when the user changes an element form and tries to unload the document the javascript will (a) determine the exact form elements that were changed (b) inform the user of the original form element value and it&#039s new value and (c) ask the person if they really want to unload the browser or do they first wish to stop and submit the form <BR><BR>my question would be how would one do something like that /<BR>Thanks so much in advance --<BR><BR>