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    I have an MSAccess product database that I am accesseing via ASP. This database contains product anmes and description in both English and Japanese. I am using MSACCESS 2000 to create the database. The database takes and stores the Japanese input without any problems.<BR><BR>When I access the database and retrieve English names and descriptions, there are no problems, but when I try to access the Japanese fields, it is bringing the information back from the database, but it is being displayed as question marks in my browser. There are other Japanese language characters on the page that are being displayed correctly. It is only the stuff returned from the DB that is not displayed correctly.<BR><BR>Do I need to have my site on a Japanese server in order to get the DB query data to display correctly?

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    Default Yeah, special characters....

    Charset. You need to specify the Japanese charset (sorry, don&#039;t konw it) in your pages that display Japanese.<BR><BR>Have lots of experience with this, as one of our customers is in Slovenia, which uses the iso-8859-2 charset. Ugly...

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