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    but i didn&#039;t get to see the response to my last post :/ **** school hehe...<BR>my question was how to interact with buttons/text boxes etc...<BR>how i can access those in asp <BR>tahnsk! :)

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    What exactly are you trying to do? You can submit forms to an ASP page, but I don&#039;t know what you mean by interacting with buttoms ... sounds like a job for java script or VB script to me.

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    Default Where did you post it?

    And what do you mean "i didn&#039;t get to see the response"???<BR><BR>All you have to do is go look at yesterday&#039;s or the day before&#039;s postings.<BR><BR>Just under the header that says "To post in forums..." is a link that says "See posts from ...". Click on that to go back a day. On that page will be links to both back another day and forward. <BR><BR>And, finally, you can always use the SEARCH (link near top right corner of page) to search for *all* posts by yourself and then hop to the one that is relevant.<BR><BR>Anyway, I just searched in *this* forum, and I see no questions in the last week from you re buttons/text boxes etc.<BR><BR>I might point out that you do *NOT* "access those in asp". They exist on the browser, not on the server. When the form is sent to the ASP page, then you can get the *values* of those controls. BUt you can&#039;t "interact" with them in any way. <BR><BR>Maybe you could go look at the "lessons" on ??<BR><BR>

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