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    Hi all,<BR>I have already set all the permission on the remote server, so I was able to sucessfully write files to the remote server, as well as deleting files using FileSystemObject. However, CopyFile and MoveFile will show "Permission Denied" error? How come I can write and delete but not copy/move?? Please help me out here...<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    You can try the following:<BR>1. Right click the directory you would work with and click "Properties".<BR>2. Click the "Security" tab in the Properties dialog box.<BR>3. Click the "Advanced" button.<BR>4. Highlight the user your application used and click the "View/Edit" button.<BR>5. Check the appropriate boxes (or every boxes except the last two if you want to be quick) except the "Change Permissions" and the "Take Ownership" boxes.<BR>6. Click OK&#039;s to close all the dialogs.<BR>7. Repeat the procedures above for other directories involved.<BR><BR>Try your application again. After it works, spend some time to uncheck all the items that may not be necessary to reduce your server&#039;s security risk.<BR><BR>Hope it help.<BR>

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    Default NEW: copying files from remote server

    Hello,<BR><BR>I am looking for this solution for many days. Still cannot get any idea how to do this. I have given all the permissions also. I want to transfer this using ASP. So, i give all rights to the user IUSR_MACHINENAME on the remote shared directory. <BR>i even cannot copy, delete, move, create file at remote server. I also did what you have replied but still in vain.<BR><BR>need help...<BR><BR>rahul

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