Hello all,<BR><BR>I&#039m working on a simple ASP script that will pass server-side variables (created in VBScript) to a client-side (javascript) function. <BR><BR>First I declare and initialize the variables:<BR><BR>Dim nLdrs, aLdrs(4)<BR><BR>nLdrs = 4<BR><BR>aLdrs(0) = "5"<BR>aLdrs(1) = "Doe, John"<BR>aLdrs(2) = "555-123-1234"<BR>aLdrs(3) = "jd@yahoo.com"<BR><BR>Then I create a form with a single listbox. When the listbox&#039s selection changes, I want to pass the variables to the javascript function:<BR><BR>&#060;.SELECT NAME="mySelect" onChange="swapLdrID(&#060;%=nLdrs%&#062;,&#060;%=a Ldrs%&#062;);"&#062;<BR><BR>When I pass the number variable only, everything is fine -- the number shows up in the javascript function. But when I try to pass the array, I get this error:<BR><BR>error &#039ASP 0106 : 80020005&#039<BR>Type Mismatch<BR>?<BR>An unhandled data type was encountered.<BR><BR><BR>Is it possible to pass an entire array this way? If so, what is the syntax? Or, is there a better way to approach this?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Gabby