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    I have 2 tables linked by a foreign key in an Access database. I'm using a form to pass values into my sql statement for execution. I'm using INSERT INTO table1 INNER JOIN table2 on table2.Field1=table1.Field1 (Field1, Field2, Field3)....with a values clause following. If there isn't a simple solution, perhaps you could point me in the right direction for updating linked tables using ASP/VBscript in an Access database. Many thanks.

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    create an stored selectquery and join the tables using an Inner Join (no other joins allowed), then update that query. <BR>(At least this works in SQL Server, I think it should work in Acces as well) <BR><BR>Keep in mind that when you are using an WHERE clause in that query you can&#039;t update anything that would confilct with the WHERE statement.

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