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Thread: Registering a component on the server

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    I have created a server component as a dll. Now I want to register it on the server which hosts my website(third party). I am using regsvr32.exe in my windows/system directory to do this. Also, I have uploaded the component on www.<mysite>.com. The only problem is what to do next. Do I need to use the Registry Component. If so how? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Ruby,<BR><BR>The component needs to be registered on the server itself. Many hosting companies have a way for their customers to do this in some sort of &#039customer service control panel&#039 type system. If your hosting company does not have that as an option, you may have to ask them to do it for you. Be warned, however, that some of them - as a matter of policy - will not do it.<BR><BR>It is also possible to do this with a third party tool (or one that you can write yourself), but to do so you will either need the ability to run EXE&#039s on the server remotely, or you will have to get your hosting company to register THAT component... sortuva&#039 catch-22!<BR><BR> - Miguel

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