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    to protect files that are meant for downloading by certain groups of people only?<BR>say i have a group belonging to marketing and i upload a file<BR>http://myserver/myfile.jpg<BR>is there anyway i can protect the location of the file?<BR>even if i carry through a value in an id, is it possible to protect the url, so that users cannot pass the url to other departments?<BR><BR>any ideas will be much appreciated thanks :)

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    the best way i can think of . is to have an asp page which checks the users id. then rediects then to the file. this way they will never see the url where the file sits.

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    The problem with Albear&#039;s method is that under certain circumstances, the URL may be visible. After all, all you are doing is sending the client a HTTP header which says "OK, now go to this file". That header could be cached, or the client browser may even log that in their history.<BR><BR>There are lots of ways, depending on the scope and size of the project.<BR><BR>The most reliable way is to use Microsoft Site Server. You can even simulate a login provided certain conditions are met, meaning that you only need one Site Server login and password. However, Site Server&#039;s expensive, so it&#039;s not the solution for everyone.<BR><BR>However, if the files are small (I MEAN SMALL - &#060;50KB), you could stream them back to the user, using the Stream object. There&#039;s an article on 4guys about how to use the Stream object to serve a document to a user. If you do it with larger documents, you risk the ASP page timing out while it&#039;s serving the document to the user.<BR><BR>Craig.

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