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    Im trying to find out whether I can install some sort of ASP.NET thing on my win98 PC which has been happily running ASP in PWS for the last 3 years as a development box. The trouble is I can't seem to find any info on this particular senario or even if it will work, eg what do I download and from where?? anyone? bueller?

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    I do not think you can use WIN98. You have to use win2000 pro<BR>so that and .net frame work can run under IIS 5.0<BR><BR>MDAC 2.7 has to be install first. There is a recommended sequence for installation.<BR><BR>You are suppose to be able install VS on win98 but I have tried<BR>but failed. The Visual Studio is supposed to run on the WIN98 machine for development and access to the web server and .net framework on the win2000 pro server machine running IIS 5.0<BR><BR>Get a VS/.netframework Beta 2 CD and you can try it.<BR>I got my from a VB magazine in DVD format.<BR>I think you can get it from Micrsoft website there is a First candidate release now.<BR><BR>The final release version may be able to run with win98 and PWS ??

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