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    I&#039;m in a ASP class and for the final I chose a project that included a sending an email. I can set up a CDONTS e-mail page, but I would like the page to popup on a new browser window and when I send the email the window closes itself.<BR><BR>thanks <BR>ryan

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    use javascript.<BR>on the main page:<BR>&#060;A href="javascript:window.open("mailer.asp","new_win ")"&#062;<BR>on the mailer.asp page, if you really want the window to close, you&#039;ll need to use js to do this. the problem is the page must be sent to the client only to close it up...waste of time. for my mail pages, i include a link to close the window. you could just as easily have an onload event that closes the window if a flag is set...<BR><BR>on your mailer page, when the mail is sent write a hidden field to the page (with a value ;) and when the page loads check if the value exists, if it does close the page. <BR><BR>imo, this is funky. but i&#039;m not sure i can think of another way off the top of my head.<BR><BR>maybe when the form is submited, you can close the page.<BR>i don&#039;t like this b/c if the mail doesn&#039;t send for one reason or another, the client has no idea what happened! <BR><BR>anyway..<BR>justin

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