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    David Moriarty Guest

    Default ASP Beginner- need setup help

    Help! I am trying to learn ASP and can&#039t find info on what i need to begin. I have Personal Web Server 4.0 on Windows 98, Front Page 98, and IE 5.0. I have installed the Front Page Server extensions. Is there anything else i need to get or install? can i test ASP through Front Page alone while running PWS? I&#039ve tried pulling sample code down and running it to see how it all works, but i can&#039t get anything to work.

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    Brad Hess Guest

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    It sounds liek everything is set up fine on your machine. However it sounds like you are trying to view the files using the front page preview pane. This does not load the page, becuase the script is not processed use the view in browser option. Try that and if you still have a problem email me at<BR>

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