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    I am currently working on a message board system for my website, and I have come up with a problem, which I am wondering if anyone can help me with. Well here goes. I have a message board where users of my site add messages into my Access Database. But when someone adds a message that the user has entered a couple times in, it doesn&#039;t show it as enters in the database, and it will just put the test together without the enters. Here is an example of what someone might put in:<BR><BR>Hey what dude, hows it going over there, aight catch you later!<BR><BR><BR>sincerly,<BR><BR><BR>Bob Doe<BR><BR>But when it get&#039;s put in the database it will come out like this:<BR><BR>Hey what dude, hows it going over there, aight catch you later sincerly,Bob Doe<BR><BR>Is there any way to have it so it shows up as the user putting in enters! Thank you in Advance, I appreciate all the help!

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    Default replace all vbCrLf with <BR> <eop


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