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    Im setting up an e-commerce site but I dont want a shopping cart <BR>I want a button for each product on the site that submits each Product Information ie Product code, Price, quantity and their details etc back to me via email so I can send confirmation of the order back to them <BR>Please help

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    Default And do you want us to write this app FOR you???

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    I have jdone a whole e-commerce site with these type of features (because sometimes you do not want to sent the prices out to ...the competition...)<BR>Well I have basket though so that people can gather items in a bag before building the offer and e-mail to them (if proper authorisation are set) or me (in order to filter).<BR><BR>quite a few hours of tuning...<BR><BR>for sending the e-mail, well there are tons of components out there (I am using the one by although CDONTS seems popular with people on this forum)<BR><BR>If yo want your offer to look profesional, it should have some formatting in it, which means HTML. But some e-mail clients do not accept HTML or render it strangely.Not to mention that you do not control too well how it will print your offer which they may want to show to their boss for approval.<BR><BR>So I am doing what you want but BEFORE sending the e-mail, I format my offer under PDF ( then e-mail. This has proven failure proof with very profesionnal rendering.<BR><BR>Good Luck !

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