I will be looking for a new position soon. I would REALY like full time instead of contract. However, will concider if it is longer then one year. The following is a copy of my resume. Feel free to contact me at the number listed on my resume at any time or my work number during the day 9AM - 5PM EDT.<BR><BR><BR><BR>GEORGE WEIDELE<BR>1301 RT 542<BR>EGG HARBOR CITY<BR>NJ, 08215<BR>PHONE, (609) 965-5630<BR>EMAIL: WEBGEO99@earthlink.net<BR><BR>OBJECTIVE<BR>To secure a full time position with a company that has a solid background in <BR>Internet web development. Whose web developer&#039;s work together as a team. A company <BR>that has a goal and a plan for the future progress of the company and its employees. Who allows their employees to think out of the box.<BR><BR>PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES AND APPLICATIONS<BR>C/C++(Borland), Cobol, RPG, Pascal, Visual Basic 6, SQL, Access97/2000, Visual Interdev 6, Dreamweaver 2/3/4, DreamWeaver4 UltraDev, Adobe Photo Shop6, Paint Shop Pro7, Cold fusion 4.5, FrontPage2000, HTML, Vbscript, ASP, JavaScript, XML<BR><BR>EXPERIENCE<BR>June 2001 - present. Lockheed Martin Moorsetown, NJ<BR><BR>Lead web design specialist<BR>create, maintain, update, and manage intranet website. <BR>Responsible for creating new website for intranet..."N-MAC" or Northern Mac.<BR>Spearheaded new inter-active application for buyers and suppliers to communicate with each other.<BR>Buyers have the opportunity to select supplier, order information and based on suppliers proformance, rate the supplier for future purchase decisions.<BR>* Cold fusion<BR>* ASP, Vbscript<BR>* Javascript<BR>* Access, SQLserver, Dreamweaver4 UltraDev.<BR>Contract to end on (Dec 20 2001).<BR><BR>2000-2001 Digital Commerce Corp. King of Prussia, PA<BR>Web Developer<BR>* Convert Cold Fusion pages to Active Server Pages.<BR>* Check for compatibility with existing application.<BR>* Troubleshoot non-working pages/bug fixes.<BR><BR><BR><BR>1999-2000 Made4me.com Balacynwyd, PA<BR>Web Developer<BR>Responsibilities,<BR>* Part of a team to create E-Commerce applications. (Continued) --&#062;<BR>* Create and interface SQL server database for use of online purchases.<BR>* Troubleshoot, Modify, create new pages for online application.<BR><BR><BR>1998-1999 Ablesoft Inc. Pennshauken, NJ<BR>Web Master<BR>Responsibilities,<BR>Created Online Registration application<BR>* Created Chat room using Vbscript, asp.<BR>* Responsible for adding, modifying, deleting, redesign of pages for entire web site.<BR><BR>1995-1999 Web Design Inc. Pine hill, NJ, <BR>Web Developer/Owner<BR>Responsibilities,<BR>In charge of all sales and customer service.<BR>* Complete design and implementation of all web sites.<BR>* Responsible for adding, modifying, deleting, redesign of pages for entire web site.<BR>* Head of creating online applications. (I.E. Page layout, chatrooms, registration apps, link navigation, Banners, content.)<BR><BR><BR>EDUCATION<BR>1997-1999 Pennco Technical School Blackwood, NJ<BR>A.S. Computer Science.<BR>* Graduated with Honors.<BR><BR>COMMENTS<BR>The following programming languages and applications were used on all of the above sites.<BR>* ASP, SQL, Access97/2000, Vbscript, JavaScript, Cold fusion, HTML, VB.<BR>* Visual Interdev6, Dreamweaver2,3 and 4. ColdFusion4, FrontPage98/2000<BR>