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    Here&#039;s the problem we&#039;re trying to solve... The following info was sent to us from a vendor without any other supporting info. We will be posting data to them and processing data that comes back from them.<BR><BR><BR>"At the end of processing, the server can send the response string of data directly back to the originator within the same online session (The Server itself or a script on that server designed to accept the return string of data), instead of sending a redirect code ("302") that forces a browser to go to a web page or script on a web page. Thus, server (which posted the request initially) will receive the response back directly within the same session." This is what we refer to as an *In Process HTTP Request*. All responses are returned directly back to the server, program or system that posted them within the same online session."<BR><BR>Can this be handled via VBScript and ASP?<BR>

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    you&#039;re trying to run a http get request from an asp page?<BR>if so use xml. read this:<BR><BR>make sure to read part 2 also. you should get the latest xml parser so you can use the most efficient code at:<BR><BR><BR>justin<BR><BR>

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